#5. Mobile Access

Back in 2015 the Australian Communications and Media Authority reported that 48% of employed Australians are ‘digital workers’ or ‘teleworkers’. This means that they use the internet to work away from the office outside of standard hours, or work away from the office for a part or full day.

At the same time, news is becoming faster, more dynamic, and more digital-driven than than ever before, leaving many communications professionals grasping for products which enable access and mobility when responding to breaking stories. Mobile communication is emerging as the most efficient and reliable way to receive breaking news, collaborate with colleagues, and keep stakeholders and spokespeople abreast of emerging issues.

Business.com claims that communicators are already moving toward a more mobile-centric communications practice. “Statistics, trends and research point toward a world of mobile corporate communications which will become more and more sophisticated and specialised”. Communications professionals increasingly demand a media intelligence platform that can move with them - not leaving them shackled to a desk during a media storm. Realtime synchronised access across the digital ‘trifector’ (Mobile, Tablet & Desktop) keeps professionals connected to news and data no matter where work takes them.

Fully integrated mobile access remains at the forefront of Streem’s product design. Unlike other monitoring platforms which retrospectively integrated mobile access, Streem’s mobile interface was conceived as an integral part of the platform, providing an arsenal of tools to respond to news as it breaks. Available on Desktop, iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devices, information syncs in realtime and includes On/Off Push Notifications so that you’ll be alerted even if you’re not browsing the app.

Streem’s mobile app integrates all of your organisation’s media which can be tracked, viewed and shared from any iOS or Android mobile device. Intuitive, fast and powerful, Streem’s mobile app delivers an enhanced news intelligence experience.

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