How are traditional media forms influencing TV, Radio and Online news?

How are traditional media forms influencing TV, Radio and Online? Streem crunched the numbers in a groundbreaking piece of research featured in The Australian this week.

Streem’s analysis focused on commercial and public broadcasters across TV and Radio, Australia-wide.


The analysis shows TV programming is highly influenced by News Corp content, particularly in the morning.

This is so pronounced that TV broadcasters are using News Corp’s original reporting by a factor of 4 to 1 when compared against their use of other Print and Online publisher’s content.

The ABC’s News Breakfast program is the single biggest user of News Corp stories in its broadcast. The program discusses and reports on News Corp stories nearly 5 times more than the second highest other broadcast user - Channel Nine’s Today Show.


The influence of original reporting by News Corp and Fairfax Media on Radio broadcasters is significant. One particular presenter is highly influenced by News Corp content alone: Aland Jones. Jones is the most prolific user of News Corp stories on Radio. Jones’ syndicated 2GB program used 66 unique News Corp stories over the last 3 months, compared to less than 10 published by Fairfax Media titles.

6AM is zero-hour for Radio’s use of original reporting, carrying through to 11AM each day. Attribution of stories reduces after 7AM, with News Corp and Fairfax Media benefitting early in the day, but not when audiences are highest.




The sentiment of original reporting picked up by Broadcast is an important metric. Streem’s analysis shows negative tone stories are used three times as often in broadcast programming compared with positive tone stories.

Of the stories picked up by TV and Radio, the highest volume include exclusive reporting on Sam Dastyari, Jessica Falkholt and dual-citizenship.

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