How the News has changed: Sydney Writers Festival

Streem’s Account Management team attended the Sydney Writers’ Festival last week, where a panel of distinguished media professionals came together to share their views on the changing news landscape.

Hosted by Sophie Black, Head of Publishing at the Wheeler Centre, the panel, ‘How the News has Changed’ explored everything from ‘fake news’ to media literacy as well as the effect of the 24-hour news cycle on society.

Among the panellists were Vanity Fair correspondent Gabriel Sherman, NBC News reporter Katy Tur, Sydney Morning Herald investigative journalist Kate McClymont and Monique Shafter from ABC’s 7:30.

Image courtesy of Sydney Writer's Festival

Image courtesy of Sydney Writers’ Festival

Sherman’s point about encouraging media literacy resonated with the Streem team.

“We teach young people how to read and do maths. We need to teach them to be better news consumers too”, Sherman said.

This idea was expanded upon by Katy Tur who added: “We need to teach media literacy. Our best weapon against misinformation is knowledge and education. Without that, we are easily manipulated.”

In the digital age where any citizen journalist can post or tweet about current affairs, it’s become increasingly important to assess the accuracy and quality of news content - which is why Streem supports local, quality journalism from Australia’s leading Publishers and Broadcasters.

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