Powering realtime news intelligence

How does Streem ensure that we deliver content as quickly and accurately as possible across our Australia wide realtime monitoring network?

We built a custom intelligence tool to monitor our content feeds 24/7 year round, so that whenever and wherever news breaks - we know about it first.

Our live data visualisation tool delivers insightful data across the entire company 24/7 - ensuring that we deliver content within minutes of publication or broadcast.


This allows our Account Managers to respond faster to realtime news events and become more customer focused, and helps our Engineers to maintain the ongoing quality of the data sources that power the platform.

“Our vision at Streem is to really understand our customers and the news that matters most to them, and having instant visibility over the full spectrum of coverage across Online, Print, TV and Radio news allows us to to deliver on this,” said Senior Account Manager Nina Harriott.

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