How to avoid the nasties in your media monitoring contract

We’re upfront in our agreements with customers, giving you plain English, plain speaking contracts. When customers transition to Streem they know what they’re getting, without nasty roll-overs, extra fees or hidden clauses.

Streem’s Service Level Agreements (SLAs) aren’t like traditional contracts. Streem’s SLAs clearly lay out the inclusions we deliver to you, Product availability, the fixed price over the SLA period and your right to terminate immediately if we don’t deliver.

In fact, Streem is consistently held to a high standard in its SLAs - meaning we can’t give you good service one month, but drop off the next. Our Account Management team work every day to ensure the Streem service you’re delivered is meeting your needs and delivering the news and information you need for your business.

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Some of our competitors by default insert automatic roll-over or automatic renewal clauses. This generally means that more than 90 days out from your contract signing date, you need to advise your media monitoring provider that you intend to review your contract just to have the choice to change. For example, if an organisation signed their contract on 1st July, they would need to give “notice” that the automatic roll-over doesn’t apply before March 31st.

It’s a good idea to give that notice immediately when you sign your contract, or ask your legal team to have the clause removed altogether. In 2017 the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) obtained a judgement in the Federal Court that effectively outlawed the use of automatic roll-over clauses in contracts, but disappointingly they are still widely used by some media monitoring providers. Streem doesn’t use automatic roll-overs, preferring to be renewed on the strength of our platform and the service we give you.

Even if you don’t intend to change providers in the future, giving notice to your provider that the automatic roll-over doesn’t apply is just good business practice - keeping your provider on their toes and leaving you safe in the knowledge you can do the best deal when it comes to renew or switch.

An example of a note to your current provider might look something like this:

Hi Account Manager,

A quick note to let you know that like many organisations, we intend to review our media monitoring arrangements this year. As such, please consider this email notice that any automatic renewal/roll-over clause(s) in our current agreement will not apply.



For many years there hasn’t been much competition in the media monitoring market. With Streem’s entry and delivery of comprehensive Print, Online, TV, Radio and Social media media intelligence, organisations have a credible choice. As such, it’s worth being on top of your existing provider’s contract, any nasty clauses lurking in there, and how to get yourself a better deal when it comes to renewing or switching providers.

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