How we deliver innovation on a daily basis

When we on-board a new customer we’re entering into a contract with them. Not just the agreement to deliver media monitoring to a high standard, but an agreement that Streem will keep advancing, keep growing and keep enhancing.

From day 1 of our existence Streem has been driven by innovation to our platform. We invest in high quality engineers, Account Managers and editorial staff who drive our platform’s development and listen for feedback. It’s the difference between a customer-centric platform and company, and one that thinks it knows what you need.

We drive a lot of innovation internally, but that is most often coming from customer feedback and the need to solve pain points. It’s why when we talk to current customers we often start with any pain they are experiencing using our own platform. It’s a harsh approach, but one that ensures we quickly fix a problem or frustration.

Our Australian-based engineering team (we don’t offshore or outsource) sit alongside the same team that service customers. This direct connection means we can quickly iterate the Streem platform as feedback flows. In fact we can often deliver enhancements to the Streem platform in a matter of minutes or hours (depending on the complexity).

Streem has also brought significant innovation to the media intelligence market. We introduced the first realtime media monitoring service, delivering news and information within minutes of publication or broadcast. We enhanced audience data and measurement, and introduced the first comprehensive Mobile app to deliver all media types. Our core ‘Mention Streams’ product enables live visibility and powerful filtering of content. The introduction of Multiview, the ability to cut and slice content in different views provides us a foundation to deliver new content visualisation in the future.

The approach we take also provides an opportunity to become a customer and let us solve the problems you’re facing with old, legacy media monitoring providers. In fact Streem is often brought in to eliminate these frustrations and to work with the customer to develop new solutions and tailor their media intelligence.

We continue to build out the Streem platform with a host of new enhancements coming over 2018. Becoming a Streem customer enables your organisation access to this ecosystem, constantly enhanced by a combined team of Australian-based Account Managers, editorial and software engineers.

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