Streem pitches at DHS Media Trade Fair in Canberra

Earlier this month Streem attended and pitched at the Department of Human Services’ Media Trade Fair.

Hosted at the National Convention Centre Canberra, Business Lead, Elgar Welch and Account Manager, Bradley Franjic demonstrated Streem’s realtime media intelligence capabilities, talking to government departments about the need for live, as-it-happens media monitoring.

The platform has experienced significant uptake with federal government departments in the last 12 months, with agencies transitioning to enjoy the dual speed and accuracy benefits that Streem has developed.

Given the small number of market providers, and only two comprehensive media intelligence providers in Australia, the trade fair presented a valuable opportunity to expose Streem to multiple government departments and their media teams.

Streem’s growing presence also brings innovation for government media teams, who are under increasing budgetary pressure and the need to deliver value from media monitoring services. Streem’s unique pricing models provide flexibility to media teams, a critical requirement in a fast moving media landscape.

Streem continues to be available for procurement via the DHS Media Services Panel.

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