You’ve been upgraded

In case you haven’t heard, ‘Themes’ on Streem just got a brand new upgrade making it even easier to gain realtime insights into the issues and topics that are important to you and your organisation. By analysing more coverage at a deeper level, this update will allow you to visually and more accurately pinpoint trending themes within your media coverage-a powerful tool for monitoring major stories as they break and develop.

How does it work?

If you want to view the media associated with a specific Theme, simply click on it and you will see all the related Print, Online, TV and Radio coverage. Using the Instant Insights tool, you can also export a chart of the Themes associated with your organisation, industry or competitors. This can easily be used for internal reporting or shared throughout your organisation.


Need some help with Themes?

The default Themes you see when you sign into Streem are based on the keywords in your Dashboard. We’re always here to make sure that this content and analysis is relevant so if you need a hand, please contact your Account Manager or email

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