Oops! When the media gets your name wrong

Having your brand, CEO or product incorrectly named in the media can be problematic for a host of reasons. Whether its a positive or negative story, correct representation is critical to strong public relations.

Firstly, an incorrect spelling could mean you miss the media mention altogether. Secondly, it creates the wrong perception of your business or makes brand recognition or location harder.

Fast and comprehensive media monitoring goes part of the way to solving the problem as a realtime response to the relevant journalist or producer can quickly fix dynamic media types like Online, TV and Radio. In Print, it’s obviously a different story.

We use a variety of technology at Streem to help customers ensure that they are not only tracking their organisation, but variations on that organisation’s name. Streem uses its own in-house developed flavour of boolean search allowing our Account Managers to quietly create variations on a brand, CEO, spokesperson or product name ensuring high levels of accuracy and media pick-up, without over-supply.

This entire process happens in the background at Streem and can result in increased accuracy, even if the media’s language is not.

Many of our customers report the ability to not only detect when a journalist may have mistakenly used a different spelling, but are leveraging speed to instantly respond before the damage spreads. Online news stories or TV and Radio mentions can be surfaced as they happen, opening the door to a rapid response that ensures a correction is made.

Key facts and figures can also be corrected, preventing market reactions that could impact the business or government department.

It’s inevitable that the media will without intention incorrectly spell brands and their leads. Fast and accurate media monitoring, backed by a combination of smart technology and people to catch all mean you can quickly correct this to ensure integrity of your media.

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