Streem launches first ad campaign to promote choice in media monitoring

Streem has launched it’s first paid media campaign, putting money behind our message of choice in media monitoring and insights. Every day we deliver customers valuable earned media content across Print, Online, TV, Radio and Social media. The same trust our customers place in earned media extends to the advertising appearing alongside it, informing the significant investment we’re making.

We’re reaching out to communications professionals working across corporate and government media teams with one key message: you have a choice in media monitoring. Streem has grown in the last 5 years to service some of Australia’s largest organisations but every day we talk to people who still think they have only one option.

Kicking off in both Print and Digital, Streem’s campaign is about raising awareness and creating a conversation around media monitoring and how it can be better.

“Our customers trust influential voices like The Australian, AFR and major TV and Radio broadcasters, and Streem’s campaign reaches those key media professionals,” said Elgar Welch, CEO and Business Lead at Streem.

“We chose a mix of Print and digital because for the same reason our customers still want a comprehensive service which includes newspapers, we know the message will hit the target.”

The campaign marks a first step by Streem to promote its media intelligence platform, which until today has developed through network, referrals, events and a small digital advertising strategy.

Before making the spend, we A/B tested about 20x different ads across both digital and existing customers to track engagement and uptake. We’ve used this to create the advertising material and messaging that will run through 2018.

“There’s a raft of pain points and needs from customers which Streem meets and the campaign will play to these,” Streem’s Business Lead added.

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