What makes our customers tick: the secret to customer focused support

Our customers work to a 24/7 news cycle, and Streem’s Account Management and Technical Support infrastructure is custom built to support this.

Streem leverages data on activity within the platform so that we can provide support to our customers when they most need it - whether it be 4PM on Monday or 8AM on a Saturday morning.

Our philosophy is simple: if we can understand our users, we can provide better help when our users need it most.


It’s no surprise that our users are most active in the morning, with 8-9AM weekdays representing heaviest platform use and support from our Account Management team as users prepare coverage reports, view content and create new Mention Streams.

Early afternoons are another hotspot, as our users prepare afternoon coverage wraps and tune into afternoon and Drive coverage within the Streem platform. This is followed by another uptick in the evening, following the evening Television news broadcast.


We pay close attention to the tools and processes used by our clients at different times of the day, so that we can provide responsive and targeted support. Accessing relevant content, whether it be Print, Online, TV or Radio, is always a top priority for our customers, as is dynamically searching content and creating custom Mention Steams. Reporting also represents a significant segment of user activity, where our users leverage the 5 different reporting tools we have available on-demand.

While our goal is to ensure you have everything at your fingertips in the Streem platform, having an ‘always on’ Account Management team via Phone, Email and Iive chat who understand your organisation and how you consume news means that your organisation is well supported - whenever you need it.

Speed of delivery and innovation to service are key pillars of Streem’s platform. Using data to identify key times of consumption and ares of interest are good news for customers, helping you to get on with your day.

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