A win for us, a win for you

We’re on a path to bringing you significantly more value from your media monitoring in 2019, starting with a major new hire this week at Streem.

As you may have seen reported in Mumbrella, we’re thrilled to announce that former senior Fairfax Media editor Conal Hanna has joined Streem in the role of Media & Partnerships Lead.

Why this matters to customers

With a long background in journalism, media and digital platforms including as editor at smh.com.au, Conal joining Streem is a major win for our customers and will help us to deliver:

1. More value from content, giving you new ways to analyse the impact of news on your organisation and see deep, enhanced metrics about coverage;

2. Build on Streem’s already strong relationships with publishers to create new revenue streams for media owners, cementing Streem’s place as the leading innovator in media intelligence.

On behalf of our customers Streem is a major licensee of content from Australia and New Zealand’s largest publishers including News Corp, Nine, Bauer, West Australian Newspapers (WAN), Stuff and many more. We take seriously the value of content, the investment publishers make in news and its importance to customers. In fact Streem is one of only two media monitoring organisations in Australia to have direct feeds of content from publishers (and to pay for it), on top of our existing copyright licensing agreements.

With Streem continuing to experience significant growth, we see it as our responsibility to not only license and pay for content, but to innovate how content is used and to give you as a customer more value from your media monitoring. Conal’s long history as a journalist and editor, and his track record of innovation around content gives our customers an edge in the market.

While Streem is at its core a technology company, our biggest investment continues to be the people and content that drive our platform forward. Customers will begin to see direct benefit from the products Conal and the team launch with the assurance of Streem’s long-term commitment to valuing and paying for content.

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