"Look into the crystal ball..."

Streem has always worked tirelessly to lead innovation in the media intelligence sector, pioneering comprehensive and realtime media monitoring in Australia and bringing new features to customers on a daily basis.

And today, April 1st, is no different, with the announcement of ‘crystal ball’; our latest news predicting tool live within the Streem platform. ‘Crystal ball’ is the product of over 5,000 hours of development and psychic time, finessing a feature that allows our customers to see news events before they happen in real life.

Where Streem has always delivered media in realtime, crystal ball will help customers to see news events before they take place, and plan and action their strategies.

“We’ve always delivered news as-it-happens, but crystal ball lets our customers see news before-it-happens”, said Daniel Lee, Product Manager at Streem.

Lee says it has been the number one requested feature by customers who say realtime is no longer fast enough. “The market has spoken, delivering news before-it-happens is the new benchmark and Streem is first to bring it to customers.”

The ‘crystal ball’ feature is available from 1st April onwards.

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