What? Budget night already?

If the federal budget has crept up on you this year, this Streem analysis might explain why.

As well as being held a month earlier than normal, the budget has been mentioned in nearly 30 per cent fewer media reports in the lead-up, when compared to 2018.

Examining coverage in the four weeks leading up to budget Tuesday, Streem found the budget had been the subject of 1400 fewer media items than 2018, with some individual newspaper counts down by up to 60 per cent.

Streem media & partnerships lead Conal Hanna suggested there were multiple reasons for the fewer stories.

“Being so close to the federal election, the government seems to have kept its powder dry on some of the big announcements rather than the steady stream of leaks we might have seen in previous years, although that has changed a bit in the final days.

“It’s also been a very busy news cycle, with stories such as the Christchurch massacre, the George Pell verdict and the One Nation guns sting.”

As an example, here’s a chart comparing mentions of the federal budget to One Nation in the month prior to the budget in 2018 and 2019.

The budget aftermath, however, is likely to be a different story, with the election contest set to begin in earnest from the moment Josh Frydenberg stands up in the House of Representatives to deliver his speech.

We look forward to bringing you more media insights as the campaign unfolds.

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