Bushfires force communications teams to stay alert

It’s been a summer like no other, and communications teams from a wide variety of industries have needed to track the impact of the bushfires on their areas of business.

Well over 100 queries have been lodged with Streem in the past month for real-time information on fire coverage in metropolitan and regional media.

The aftermath of bushfires near Yamba in 2019. Photo: Tamara Gerus

Photo: Tamara Gerus

Government clients have been particularly busy, using the platform to monitor reporting on the main fire fronts, as well as coverage of safety messages, and the emergency and logistical response.

Meanwhile, insurance companies have been eager to ensure messages about claims reach the public.

With the fires provoking a philanthropic outpouring, many corporate clients have monitored coverage of their own donations and assistance packages, while some have also been watching what their competitors do in this space.

Clients have also been using the platform to monitor:

  • whether their experts are being quoted;
  • reports on impacted industries such as tourism;
  • bushfire-related scams or other potentially fraudulent activity.

In any public emergency there is a need for fast, accurate information, and Streem has been glad to be able to provide that to our clients, many of whom continue to deal with extremely challenging situations.

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