The coronavirus news curve appears to have peaked

After weeks of continuous growth, the coronavirus news curve may finally have flattened.

New data from Streem, prepared on Friday, March 20, shows that prominent mentions of the virus in print and online media this week were double that of a week ago, and five times higher than three weeks ago.

However mentions appeared to peak on Tuesday, indicating we may have hit saturation point for virus coverage.

Streem media and partnerships lead Conal Hanna said virus coverage had become so ubiquitous that use of the term might be less necessary as journalists turn to reporting the wider fallout.

“There’s only one story in town at the moment - everyone knows what you’re talking about,” he said.

As well as growing rapidly, coronavirus coverage has also frequently changed direction over the past two months.

The countries most in the news have also fluctuated over time, as the virus moved from China to Europe and the US.

From a business point of view, airlines and supermarkets have been the most prominent in coverage thus far.

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