Video services record 700 per cent increase in media profile

You could call it the Zoom Boom, the mad dash for video conferencing capabilities that accompanied the COVID-19 rush to work from home.

Overall, media mentions of video and messaging services were up 700% in March as Australia’s office towers emptied and remote working became the norm.

But which supplier experienced the biggest spike in coverage?

Skype and Zoom have been the market leaders for profile, although Zoom’s coverage has taken on a negative tone in recent days as questions mount about security concerns.

But while those two had the biggest number of mentions, it was Houseparty and Google’s Hangouts that enjoyed the biggest rise in prominence.

These rises are off small base numbers, so whether this extraordinary growth rate can continue remains to be seen.

But given the social nature of the technology, and the way it spreads via invitations, there is a huge opportunity to generate exponential growth in users in a short period of time.

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