Understanding the dimensions of your media coverage is where great crisis management begins

As communications professionals we are acutely aware of the nuances in tone of voice used by journalists driving the news agenda. When brands are empowered to examine the dimensions of the news life cycle - digging deep to compare coverage breadth, depth, frequency, and longevity - crisis management teams arm themselves with an unprecedented level of insight to mitigate reputational damage.

This rich, bird’s-eye view of the media ecosystem in real-time heralds the new era of media monitoring. Communications and crisis teams can now harness and apply rich data to steer positive customer journeys and keep messaging on track while offering value and relevance. This new benchmark has redefined the value expected from a media monitoring agency at a time when the only certainty is uncertainty.

Data analytics on screen

The ability to understand which insights are relevant to resolving brand challenges is critical. Streem’s comprehensive platform features are designed by a team of expert technicians. Your input is crucial to understanding the nuance and challenges surrounding your media monitoring and analysis needs. Collaborative solutions are put in place in realtime to enable the most accurate and relevant information sometimes in a matter of minutes.

In the wake of coronavirus, we’re all operating in a state of flux. Understanding how your communications team should respond to the present requires direct access to valuable insights and reporting.

Streem is well placed to help navigate your brand or business’s communications through the 21st century’s most challenging global event yet. Allow us to demonstrate. You won’t be disappointed. Find out more here.

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