Release of Turnbull memoir sees dip in coronavirus coverage

Love him or hate him, the release of Malcolm Turnbull’s memoir has garnered no shortage of attention.

Turnbull has been the subject of more media items in the past five days than any current government minister, other than Prime Minister Scott Morrison, and is well ahead of Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese.

Meanwhile, coronavirus saturation in the media fell to its lowest point in four weeks on the day Turnbull’s book was made available to journalists.

Coronavirus was being mentioned in more than 80 per cent of all stories published on some days in March.

On April 7, the day the High Court upheld George Pell’s appeal, that rate fell to 70 per cent. Last Thursday, the day Turnbull’s book began appearing in the news, was the first time in nearly a month it dropped below that mark, falling to 68 per cent for three consecutive days before rising above 70 per cent again on Sunday.

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