Why Canberra needs to go to market for media monitoring

By Streem CEO Elgar Welch

After three years of operations in Canberra, Streem has become the number one choice of media monitoring provider for federal government departments and agencies.

Streem was established to provide comprehensive media monitoring in real time. Having worked in the Prime Minister’s Office I had seen first-hand the dire need for comms teams to respond to events as they unfolded, rather than having to wait for the outdated “clippings” report the next morning. Of course, we still provide daily reports, but supplement them with a realtime media monitoring platform that’s on tap 24 hours a day on desktop and mobile.

Our service is credible and extensive, incorporating Print, Online, TV, Radio and Social from national, metro, regional and specialist media across the country, and globally where required.

That is why in such a short timeframe we’ve been able to grow our client list to include some of the largest government departments in Canberra, and corporates including Telstra, Qantas and the Commonwealth Bank.

Disrupting the status quo is never easy. However, AusTender data for 2020 confirms that when big government departments open their media monitoring services to tender and run an RFQ they are most likely to choose Streem. Those clients are now enjoying realtime media monitoring via our market-leading Desktop and Mobile platform, and usually increased efficiency for the taxpayer when compared to their previous contract.

And yet there are still a lot of government contracts being rolled over without a tender process.

It’s been a difficult year, and we understand that some departments might not feel like they have the head space to deal with change right now.

However what we would say is: talk to your colleagues who are using Streem. Ask them about the platform’s benefits and the ease of transition. Change doesn’t have to be difficult and the benefits (realtime coverage, instant-play streaming of TV and Radio. Integrated Mainstream and Social media, a market-leading platform) outweigh the perceived risk.

Streem is an approved supplier of media monitoring, insights and reporting services under the DHS Media Services Panel, making procurement and an approach to market a more straightforward process.

This year has seen Australians rely even more heavily on their public servants than usual. Streem is proud to be playing a small role helping government departments and agencies respond to the pandemic, and we’re eager to assist more clients.

For a demo of our platform, call us on (02) 9319 0276.
About the data: Taken from the AusTender Contract Notice List as at Aug 18, 2020. Percentages are calculated based on the dollar value of new contracts starting in that year.

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