Tax cuts top Budget 2020's biggest media talking points

It was a high-spending budget full of new initiatives but the biggest immediate talking point from Budget 2020 was the bringing forward of previously announced personal income tax cuts.

The tax cuts were the most mentioned element of the budget in all media types, and across metropolitan and regional media, to 9am on Wednesday.

It was the second year in a row that the government’s three-stage plan for income tax cuts dominated post-Budget coverage, after being the number-one media talking point in May 2019.

Other topics generating high media volumes this year were infrastructure spending and the record deficit - forecast to reach $213.7 billion.

Taking into account prominence, the deficit was comfortably the second highest profile item in major metropolitan online media.

Examining reports across 21 of Australia’s biggest news websites, we examined mentions of key topics within the first 100 words of Budget stories running in the 10 lead positions on homepages.

By that measure, the tax cuts and deficit were by far the biggest topics of note, ahead of JobMaker, the Budget’s assumptions around a COVID-19 vaccine and the forecast net debt position.

Topics of higher interest to regional media included road spending, pensioners, housing and manufacturing.

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