Streem Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Move at the speed of news

Responding to enquiries in realtime is vital in order to manage stories as they break, delivering superior outcomes for you and your organisation.

Easily log, triage and report on live media issues with Streem’s CRM, neatly integrated into Streem’s leading realtime media monitoring platform.

Simple to learn

Getting started with CRM is as easy as adding an Enquiry. Each time a conversation, question, story or issue needs to be tracked and monitored, CRM manages the process from start to finish with engagement tracking, tagging, key journalist data and the ability to assign staff to respond to the Enquiry.

Keep everyone informed

Each conversation’s threads can be logged in a single Enquiry, with all team members kept up to date on the latest information.

Issue tagging and Priority status tags enable you to see at a glance what is urgent, as well as what topics are gaining traction or stories about to break.

Track your performance

Realtime analytics provide insights into the number of Enquiries open and their priority level. All open and closed tickets can be exported to CSV to fuel further analysis.

All your media needs in one place

CRM integrates seamlessly with Streem’s media monitoring platform and features such as Outreach to provide an all-in-one solution for comms teams.