Instant Insights.

Empowering you to analyse and understand your media coverage in realtime.

Respond to events as they unfold

In-depth monthly analysis can be valuable, but what about when you need answers quickly? 

Streem’s Instant Insights enables you to analyse media coverage easily and in realtime.

Explore rich data

Instant Insights available include:

Coverage Volume, showing the volume of coverage over a selected period of time, with or without syndicated coverage.

Coverage Volume Breakdown, showing the breakdown of coverage across various forms of media for the selected period of time.

Themes, showing a word cloud of the dominant themes in coverage over the selected period of time.

Geographic Spread, showing the spread of coverage across Australia for the selected period of time.

Media Impact Time, showing when throughout the day various forms of media are most prominent in coverage.

Potential Audience Reach, showing the maximum possible audience of the media coverage for the selected period of time, broken down by forms of media.

Share of Voice, showing the share of voice each chosen Mention Stream captured during the selected period of time.

Key Journalists, showing the key journalists with coverage published on the chosen Mention Stream for the selected period of time, including the share of Print and Online coverage.

Coverage – Year on Year, showing the change in the volume of coverage for the chosen Mention Stream for the most recent 12 months, compared to the 12 months prior.

Front Page Performance, showing print and online front page mentions for the chosen Mention Stream over the selected period of time.

Compare and contrast your media coverage

Instant Insights allows you to compare data from multiple search queries simultaneously. 

Compare key topics in the news, or understand how you’re tracking against competitors. 

Set up multiple searches and save them for next time to have a dashboard at your fingertips. 

Alter the date range as you need, to see how coverage has evolved over time.


Export and share your findings as a report

Share your insights with colleagues within minutes. 

At the click of a button, your Insight Insights can be turned into a report, ready for you to download and distribute. 

Need more in-depth reporting?

Streem provides Monthly, Quarterly and Bespoke Media Insights Reporting for communications teams, executives and boards.