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Streem expands into social media monitoring and measurement

Mumbrella on May 19, 2021

Realtime media monitoring, analysis and media data provider Streem is adding a social media intelligence platform designed specifically for communications teams.

Jack McLintock joins Streem as media relations manager

MediaWeek on May 11, 2021

Realtime media monitoring company Streem has appointed Jack McLintock to the new role of media relations manager. McLintock was previously corporate and government affairs manager at Seven West Media, and also has several years’ experience working in federal politics.

Shut out from the country, this is how the Australian media covers China

The Sydney Morning Herald on May 03, 2021

In a year when China has never been more prominent across the Australian media landscape, figures from Streem show the impact of having fewer foreign correspondents on the ground and the effectiveness of the Chinese Communist Party’s propaganda units.

Norman Swan laments lost anonymity

The Australian on April 26, 2021

Having averaged 111 media items a day during the pandemic, the ABC’s Dr Norman Swan wistfully recalls the days he could go to Woolworths without being recognised.

Milkshake consent videos generate bemused response

Mumbrella on April 21, 2021

After days of industry critique and media scrutiny the Federal Department of Education Skills and Employment has removed two of the videos from its The Good Society educational platform, intended to teach adolescents about consent and healthy relationships through the euphemisms of milkshakes and sharks.

Prince Philip's death dwarfs vaccines in headlines

The Age on April 12, 2021

The death of Queen Elizabeth’s husband of more than 70 years generated more Australian news articles than any “celebrity” death in the past year, research has found, and dwarfed weekend coverage of the nation’s vaccine rollout.

The many motives of Matt Kean ($)

The Australian on April 08, 2021

The NSW Energy and Environment minister maintains a frenetic pace, with a higher media profile than many of his more senior cabinet colleagues.

Treatment of women becomes the year's most prominent news story

Fear and Greed on April 01, 2021

Streem’s Conal Hanna discusses the biggest stories of the first quarter of 2021, with the vaccine rollout falling to number two and an unexpected story recording the biggest daily spike.

Kiwis abuzz with bubble talk as Aussies lose interest

Traveller on March 31, 2021

After months of false starts, Australian interest in the trans-Tasman travel bubble is waning, at the same time as the issue generates unprecedented discussion in New Zealand.

Married At First Sight is Australia's most talked-about show

Mumbrella on March 31, 2021

The Nine juggernaut continues to dominate the conversation, ahead of Sunrise, Bridgerton and Four Corners.

Role reversal for federal cabinet's Marise Payne

The Australian on March 29, 2021

You might know her as Australia’s Foreign Minister, but in March Marise Payne’s job as Minister for Women became a lot more prominent.

Twitter users defy legal risk to name Cabinet member under investigation

ABC Media Watch on March 10, 2021

Attorney General Christian Porter was being named every six seconds on Twitter the day before held a press conference to address allegations of rape.

BHP tops earnings coverage while Plibersek's on the rise

Fear and Greed on March 04, 2021

This February’s earnings season contained large quantities of good news - especially for iron ore miners - while Tanya Plibersek and Linda Reynolds have seen the biggest profile increases in federal politics this year.

Stories about Anthony Albanese's leadership appear contagious

The Australian on February 08, 2021

Media items about the Labor leadership have increased 1200 per cent in just a few months.

How the pandemic changed Australia's media landscape

Fear and Greed on February 04, 2021

Streem’s Conal Hanna appeared on the popular business podcast Fear and Greed to discuss the state of Australian media in 2021.

How business can contribute to valuing news

Mumbrella on January 28, 2021

“As the threat of misinformation grows, and publishers struggle for revenue, supporting the value of news should now be a corporate governance issue,” says Streem CEO Elgar Welch.

MLA says 'ewe beauty' to lamb ad's response

The Australian on January 12, 2021

This year’s ‘Make Lamb, Not Walls’ campaign generated more media than when China blocked imports from two abattoirs in December.

Qantas chief the year's king of business headlines

The Australian on December 23, 2020

He didn’t top the list of highest paid executives again this year – far from it – but for sheer news value Qantas chief Alan Joyce left his competitors in the dust in 2020.

How the Don trumped all rivals in 2020

The Australian on December 20, 2020

In a record-busting year for media mentions, Australia’s biggest name in media for 2020 is not Australian at all, for the first time in memory. Instead, it’s US President Donald Trump who has knocked PM Scott Morrison off his previous top spot.

Australia's most prolific and prominent journalists of 2020

Ad News on December 13, 2020

Media monitoring service Streem has published its annual list of journalists with the most page-one bylines in print and lead position bylines online.

Comeback talk in the air

The Australian on December 03, 2020

Research conducted for Strewth by Streem shows use of the word “comeback” in an economic or political context in news items has exploded, off the back of the government’s paid advertising campaign.

Rebel Fitzgibbon outshines his leader

The Australian on November 29, 2020

A media blitz by Joel Fitzgibbon on Labor’s climate change policies since he stepped down from the shadow ministry has seen him overtake federal leader Anthony Albanese for profile.

AAP enlists Streem for crackdown on copyright

Australian Financial Review on November 24, 2020

The Australian Associated Press will look to crimp unlicensed use of its journalism, acting as the test case for local media monitoring platform Streem in its attempts to curb copyright infringement.

The Donald trumps Morrison for media profile

Sydney Morning Herald and The Age on November 03, 2020

Record media interest in October and November has seen the US President overtake our own Prime Minister to have the biggest political profile in Australia. (7.24pm post)

Labor talks COVID, while for LNP it's jobs and crime

Brisbane Times on October 30, 2020

If there was one thing LNP leader Deb Frecklington was reluctant to discuss during the Queensland election campaign, it was borders.

Despite his disdain, there's no beating Wayne

The Australian on October 30, 2020

The highest-profile person of Australia’s winter sports season isn’t the next big thing with a bulging highlight reel, or retiring great with a CV as long as a Gary Ablett kick; instead it’s a grumpy 70-year-old man who hates the media but somehow seems to find himself at the centre of every major story in his sport.

2020 was supposed to be a big year for unions. Then the pandemic hit

The Sydney Morning Herald on October 21, 2020

While coronavirus has disrupted campaign planning, it has also focused media attention on key union issues. Figures from Streem show hundreds of stories during the pandemic about insecure work, a 39-fold increase on previous months.

Streem CEO poses a fair question to rivals ($)

The Australian on October 19, 2020

Streem’s landmark copyright deal comes while the digital platform heavyweights are arguing over how their compensation for media companies will be determined, and while the bigger media monitoring companies like Isentia are still fighting in court.

Streem strikes landmark copyright deal ($)

Australian Financial Review on October 19, 2020

Streem will have access to the broadest range of Copyright Agency-licensed news and media content in Australia, after locking in a new deal that contains numerous benefits for clients.

Palaszczuk off to a strong start in battle for attention

Brisbane Times on October 09, 2020

Analysis of the first week of the Queensland election campaign shows Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk enjoyed a 56 per cent share of voice in earned media against Deb Frecklington’s 44 per cent.

Tax cuts on top of everyone's minds ($)

The Australian on October 07, 2020

In the immediate aftermath of the federal budget, tax cuts were comfortably the most mentioned element in all media types, and across metropolitan and regional media.

Treasurer struggles to be heard above COVID-19 din ($)

The Australian on October 05, 2020

With border restrictions and quarantine bungles top of mind, Josh Frydenberg’s run-up to Tuesday’s budget has been rather subdued on the media front.

Pandemic creates earned-media election mismatch

Brisbane Times on September 16, 2020

Coronavirus has had a massive impact on the media profiles of Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and her opponent Deb Frecklington.

How COVID-19 has reset the property conversation on September 10, 2020

There was a time issues like interest rates and negative gearing dominated headlines, but new data has revealed how the biggest issues in property have changed.

Streem appoints Nina Harriott first Chief Customer Officer

Mumbrella on September 09, 2020

“As we continue to grow, we need to maintain our hard-won reputation for first-class customer service, and Nina is the perfect person to lead that,” said Streem CEO Elgar Welch.

How the blame game usurped working together

Guardian Australia on September 04, 2020

From March to August, use of the word ‘blame’ in COVID-19 media items doubled. Over the same period, use of the phrase ‘work together’ more than halved

Profit season shifts media spotlight ($)

The Australian on September 03, 2020

While earnings coverage was down this year compared to 2019, one brand managed to boost its profile nearly 400 per cent.

It’s time to reimagine the relationship between publishers and business

Ad News on August 31, 2020

To fully realise the value of their audience data, publishers should think beyond paid media to the earned media space too, writes Streem CEO Elgar Welch.

Former Broncos coach doubles his rivals for media profile ($)

The Weekend Australian on August 29, 2020

They say there’s no such thing as bad publicity. Anthony Seibold would probably disagree this week after his demise as Broncos coach.

Football share-of-voice data reveals A-League's challenge

The Sydney Morning Herald on August 20, 2020

The A-League’s share of mainstream media space has shrunk by more than two thirds since the COVID-19 shutdown, according to an independent analysis that lays bare one of the major challenges in the competition’s pending shift to winter.

How Jonathan Swan Trumped his famous father ($)

The Australian on August 10, 2020

Doctor Norman Swan has been ubiquitous in Australian media during coronavirus lockdown but last week even he was no match for his son Jonathan’s media profile.

The unrealised value of earned media

Let's Talk Marketing on August 04, 2020

Streem CEO Elgar Welch and EY’s Adam Fraser discuss why earned media remains undervalued, the importance of realtime insights, and reimagining the relationship between publishers and enterprise in this podcast episode.

Daniel Andrews overtakes PM for profile

The Australian on August 03, 2020

The worsening coronavirus situation in Victoria has led to the unusual situation of a state premier exceeding the prime minister for media profile. Daniel Andrews’ media profile is up about 900 per cent year on year.

Fears anti-mask protesters are receiving undue attention

ABC News on July 28, 2020

With little evidence to suggest many Australians are opposed to restrictions, stories about individuals flouting the rules have received significant media attention.

Debate continues about how to pay for news content ($)

The Australian on July 24, 2020

Media monitoring firm Streem is aiming to leverage direct deals between media companies and business as a way of boosting service and media revenues.

Double-edged sword for JobFranchise

The Australian on July 22, 2020

There has been a 273 per cent increase in media mentions since Newstart was relabelled JobSeeker, according to data from Streem.

Australia's biggest digital sites are publishing fewer news stories

Ad News on July 09, 2020

Australia’s big digital newsrooms are publishing fewer stories now than they did at the end of 2019.

A second wave of COVID-19 news saturation arrives

Ad News on July 07, 2020

After declining continuously for three months, coronavirus has again started to dominate news coverage, although there is still some way to go before it challenges the March peak.

The STEM celebrities Australians love to follow

The New Daily on June 25, 2020

Ash Barty? Never heard of her. Dustin Martin? Doesn’t ring any bells. Raina MacIntyre? Now we’re talking.

Coronavirus media saturation shows signs of ending

Ad News on June 04, 2020

Large-scale protests in the US and the return of live sport has seen coverage of coronavirus drop below 50 per cent of news articles produced for the first time in nearly three months.

How coronavirus 'changes the game' for the anti-vaccination movement

ABC News on May 31, 2020

When the discredited coronavirus pseudo-documentary Plandemic was released online earlier this month, anti-vaccination networks on sites like Facebook and Instagram helped it go viral and triggered a spike in complementary mainstream media interest — as can be seen in data provided by the Australian media-monitoring firm Streem.

ARLC chairman in a league of his own for media mentions (paywall)

The Weekend Australian on May 30, 2020

Despite a two-month hiatus without games, the NRL has managed to increase its media profile during the COVID-19 lockdown thanks largely to the indomitable presence of rugby league supremo Peter V’landys.

Media attention on climate change falls to 12-month lows

The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald on May 08, 2020

Australia’s interest in a warming world was running hot during the bushfire crisis in January - with 4.5 per cent of articles about climate change. Now, however, interest has cratered to be less than 1 per cent.

Albanese loses his voice amid coronavirus crisis (paywall)

The Australian on April 27, 2020

As the Prime Minister’s media profile surges due to coronavirus, Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese has seen his coverage shrink by more than a third.

Malcolm Turnbull’s memoir cuts into coronavirus coverage

Ad News on April 21, 2020

Coronavirus saturation in the media fell to its lowest point in four weeks on the day Turnbull’s book, A Bigger Picture, was made available to journalists.

Turnbull returns to the spotlight, overshadowing ministers

The Age and Sydney Morning Herald on April 20, 2020

The former prime minister’s memoir generated considerable coverage, with Mr Turnbull the focus of more media items than any government minister outside Scott Morrison.

Climate change falls off media's radar in wake of coronavirus

BuzzFeed News on April 02, 2020

Mentions of climate change in prominent positions on Australian news websites peaked during the bushfires and have precipitously dropped since then, according to media monitoring company Streem.

How COVID-19 redefined 'blanket coverage'

ABC Media Watch on March 30, 2020

In an above average week, Scott Morrison might appear in 5 per cent of news stories. At their worst, the bushfires were mentioned in nearly 30 per cent. But coronavirus has now reached 80 per cent.

Television audiences climb as Australians isolate

The Age and Sydney Morning Herald on March 23, 2020

Newspaper and online media coverage related to the coronavirus also increased substantially last week. Streem reported the number of online coronavirus news items was up 76 per cent, with mentions peaking on Tuesday.

Coronavirus has officially become the biggest story of 2020 (Paywall)

The Australian on March 16, 2020

It would have been unthinkable in January that the bushfires would not be the biggest news story of the quarter, nevermind the year.

Coronavirus, bushfires almost half of this year's news agenda

Ad News on March 16, 2020

Streem’s data shows bushfires and coronavirus combined have occupied 46% of prominent positions on news homepages for 2020, and up to 86% on individual days.

How often Australian news sites change the top story

Ad News on March 12, 2020

Stories have an average lifespan of less than three hours in the top 10 positions of major news homepages, before being cycled down the page.

What panic buying says about Australians on March 06, 2020

Streem, a media monitoring group, released data on Thursday revealing the phrase “toilet paper” in coronavirus stories had surged by nearly 11,000 per cent compared to the previous six weeks.

What role did rumour play in stockpiling frenzy?

The Age and Sydney Morning Herald on March 05, 2020

Panic buying started in Hong Kong but it took weeks for such herd behaviour to migrate to Australia.

Media profiles of Greens politicians

The Guardian on February 03, 2020

Streem, a media monitoring company, has taken a look at recognition of Greens MPs ahead of the party’s leadership vote tomorrow. Adam Bandt, the frontrunner for the job, is also the best-known MP.

How bushfires swamped the summer media agenda (Paywall)

The Australian on January 27, 2020

Morrison, Trump top list of headline makers for 2019 (Paywall)

The Australian on December 27, 2019

The most talked about Queenslanders of 2019

Brisbane Times on December 26, 2019

A gun tennis player, a deputy premier under fire, and two controversial figures who helped sway the federal election. There was no shortage of Queensland news in 2019.

The most talked about sports star of 2019 was ... (Paywall)

The Australian on December 21, 2019

Tess Fezzuoglio joins Streem as new senior customer lead

B&T on December 13, 2019

Streem has signed Tess Fezzuoglio to be its new senior customer lead, as competition in the media-monitoring sector continues to intensify.

Media companies forced to keep stories off Facebook

The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age on December 08, 2019

A contentious court decision has led to publishers keeping stories off Facebook as they struggle to deal with the volume of comments requiring moderation. Data from the media monitoring firm Streem found that between March and October this year, users posted about 5.25 million comments — or more than 21,000 a day — on posts from six major Facebook pages owned by Nine Entertainment Co, the ABC and the News Corporation.

Aged care royal commission receives one third the coverage of banks' bad behaviour

ABC News on November 03, 2019

Where the banking royal commission had a team of finance reporters from every news organisation who hung on every word and scoured every submission for fresh angles, the media room for this inquiry holds a few dogged “social affairs” reporters.

BHP boss most outspoken CEO on social issues

Sydney Morning Herald and The Age on October 21, 2019

Andrew Mackenzie is the CEO most frequently linked to key social issues, particularly climate change, according to analysis of the leaders of Australia’s listed companies by media researcher Streem.

The 10 most talked about players during AFL trade period

The Age on October 15, 2019

Track the progress of players’ fortunes with our dynamic bar chart showing the number of media items generated per hour during trade period. (See 10.55am post)

Streem completes finance clean sweep

Australian Financial Review on October 14, 2019

The recent signing of Westpac gives the upstart firm a clean sweep of the big four banks. It also provides media monitoring services for a lot of their smaller brethren, such as the Bank of Queensland, Suncorp, ME Bank and ING.

Questions asked about vaping's highest-profile supporter

ABC Media Watch on October 06, 2019

Vaping coverage has skyrocketed this year, and one voice has been more prominent than all others. But has Dr Colin Mendelsohn been upfront about his organisation’s funding?

Even the most prominent female politicians are far less prominent than their male counterparts

The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age on October 04, 2019

Male cabinet and shadow cabinet members generate on average three times the number of media mentions than their female counterparts. Men can see the power they wield reflected in news, all day every day.

AFL dominates share of voice in lead-up to grand final (Paywall)

The Australian on September 30, 2019

China coverage soars amid global, local tensions

ABC News on September 27, 2019

Australian media’s coverage of China has more than doubled since this time last year, led by growing interest in topics like Hong Kong and the US-China trade war, new data shows.

The incredible rise to prominence of Greta Thunberg

The Guardian on September 27, 2019

From a single media mention in September 2018, Greta Thunberg has become one of the most spoken about people in the country.

Acting PM Michael McCormack keeps a low profile (Paywall)

The Australian on September 27, 2019

Like him or loathe him, Cameron Smith is NRL's most talked-about player

The Sydney Morning Herald on September 23, 2019

Only three of the 10 most talked-about players of this NRL season played all three State of Origin matches.

Even English media admits Steve Smith is no.1 man (Paywall)

The Weekend Australian on September 07, 2019

Talk of recession grows 600 per cent in nation’s media

The New Daily on September 04, 2019

Michael Pascoe analysis: Streem, a media monitoring company, reports that use of the word “recession” has increased by 610 per cent over the past year in stories about the Australian economy. Those adjectives though don’t reflect media “talking the economy down” – they reflect a reality the government refuses to acknowledge.

Prominent voices not necessarily the best qualified

The Guardian on August 24, 2019

John Whitehall, who is a former deputy president of Fred Nile’s Christian Democratic party, is quoted four times more in regard to trans issues than experts eminently more qualified in the field, according to media analytics data provided to Guardian Australia by Streem.

Figures reveal how Peter Dutton emerged from the election shadows

The Age and Sydney Morning Herald on August 01, 2019

Peter Dutton’s media footprint doubled after the federal election campaign, making the Home Affairs Minister the most high-profile minister of the Morrison government almost a year after he launched a failed leadership bid against Malcolm Turnbull.

Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet switches to Streem

The Sydney Morning Herald on August 01, 2019

In a short period Streem, headquarted just a few hundred metres from iSentia, has lured big corporates away from the market leader – including Telstra and Vodafone, Origin and AGL and three of the big four banks. And now the heavy arm of government is changing teams.

Data reveals who has the star power in Morrison Government on July 31, 2019

Peter Dutton, Mathias Cormann and Christian Porter were relatively quiet in national media during the election campaign but have since re-emerged to be the Government’s chief salesmen.

How good are quiet Australians! ScoMo's language legacy

The Guardian on July 30, 2019

For a group so seemingly taciturn, it’s perhaps ironic how much media noise they’ve created lately: 2,335 mentions of “quiet Australians” in May, 2,053 in June and 767 mentions as of mid July.

Experts predict MasterChef brand to come off worse than George Calombaris

The Age and Sydney Morning Herald on July 28, 2019

Realtime media monitoring firm Streem also flagged how MasterChef has been more spoken about in the media since news broke of the trio leaving than the last season of the show combined.

Albanese tells Labor MPs not to call opponents liars

The Age and Sydney Morning Herald on July 17, 2019

Accusations of lying reached new heights during the combative election campaign, with media monitoring service Streem recording almost 50 separate occasions of the two major party leaders denigrating their opponent.

Tennis bad boy Kyrgios the main event for Wimbledon watchers online (Paywall)

The Australian on July 07, 2019

Folau’s case boosted by GoFundMe own goal (Paywall)

The Australian on July 01, 2019

NBN rollout speed still patchy for thousands

The Sun-Herald and Sunday Age on May 19, 2019

The NBN was largely ignored during the election campaign and neither political leader was quoted discussing the service in online or print media stories, analysis by Streem media monitoring for The Sun-Herald found.

The most used words of the election campaign

ABC News Breakfast on May 17, 2019

In weeks spent campaigning on their very different visions for Australia, Scott Morrison and Bill Shorten have used the same word more than any other: Labor.

Not one woman is in the top politicians quoted this election

Future Women on May 16, 2019

New data released by Streem reveals just how gender-biased news reporting of the federal election has been. Of the top ten most quoted politicians in digital and print articles, there is not a single woman.

Changing fortunes on Game of Thrones

Sydney Morning Herald and The Age on May 14, 2019

Game of Thrones has always been great at keeping us guessing. Here are the most discussed characters in the aftermath of each episode over the past two series.

The silence is deafening, and money even louder

Mumbrella on May 14, 2019

Who are the ministers mentioned most in the media this election campaign? How about those quoted most frequently? The results say a lot about the issues we’re prioritising, and who’s spending the most money, according to Streem’s Conal Hanna.

Shorten and PM in battle of mentions (Paywall)

The Australian on May 13, 2019

Who gets the mentions depends on your source (Paywall)

The Australian on May 06, 2019

AMP Capital’s Shane Oliver the economist of choice for media mentions (Paywall)

The Australian on May 06, 2019

Whatever happened to the 'border security election' we were supposed to have?

Sydney Morning Herald and The Age on May 05, 2019

Just two months ago, with the bruising fight over medical transfers of refugees from Manus Island and Nauru fresh in people’s minds, the Morrison government seemed chafing at the bit to fight the election on border security. But as data provided to The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age by real-time media monitoring firm Streem shows, it has barely rated a mention.

Monitor’s win cuts copyright payments (Paywall)

The Australian on April 29, 2019

What people are talking about on Facebook

Australian Financial Review on April 23, 2019

The economy might have dominated mainstream media coverage during the first week of the federal election campaign, but it was Adani’s controversial Carmichael coal mine that captured the most attention on Facebook.

Selling the election message

Australian Financial Review on April 15, 2019

According to Streem realtime media monitoring, Scott Morrison has had a 49.8 per cent share of voice, while Shorten has inched ahead with 50.2 per cent, when comparing the Coalition and Labor leaders.

Tax cuts prove a winner in federal budget coverage

Mumbrella on April 03, 2019

The federal government’s promises of tax cuts were a winner with journalists covering the 2019 budget announcements in Canberra. An analysis of media coverage by media monitoring service Streem found ‘tax cuts’ beat the terms ‘road/rail’, surplus and ‘small business’ in budget reports across TV, print, radio and online reports up until 9am the following morning.

How the federal budget was reported

Australian Financial Review on April 03, 2019

Interesting graphic here from real time media monitoring firm Streem - how many mentions of various budget topics made it into the news.

Media’s favourite AFL team will surprise you (Paywall)

The Weekend Australian on March 23, 2019

Wests Tigers: NRL battlers or media darlings? (Paywall)

The Australian on March 16, 2019


… and we thought writing 4.5 articles a day was a lot

Mumbrella on March 11, 2019

Following his research into the 25 most prolific metro journalists in Australia, Streem’s Conal Hanna is back with an updated list, which this time includes thousands of Australian content websites.

Good journalism takes time, stupid – yet today’s young hacks are feeding off scraps

Mumbrella on March 07, 2019

In the wake of a report about Australia’s most prolific byline collectors, Mumbrella’s Adam Thorn assesses the current state of the journalism industry. Or should that be ‘churnalism’?

Australia’s most prolific print and online journalists (Paywall)

The Australian on March 04, 2019

Suppression order failed to block overseas reports

The Australian on February 27, 2019


Former Fairfax audience and innovation editor joins media intelligence firm Streem

Mumbrella on February 13, 2019

Media intelligence company Streem has appointed former senior Fairfax Media editor Conal Hanna to the newly created role of Media and Partnerships Lead.

Streem launches campaign to highlight its media intelligence credentials

Mumbrella on October 23, 2018

Media monitoring startup Streem has launched a campaign publicising its wins to mark its position in the marketplace against incumbents.

Media Monitoring Firm Streem Launches Instant Insights

B&T on September 06, 2018

Streem is today introducing Instant Insights. Instant Insights allows customers to quickly and accurately gain insights from their media coverage across Print, Online, TV, Radio and Social.

Newspapers drive daily news cycle on radio and television (Paywall)

The Australian on March 04, 2018

Media Monitoring Challenger Streem Delivers Nationwide Sugar Hit

B&T on February 09, 2018

Challenger media intelligence company Streem has this week launched an aggressive direct marketing campaign to Australian PR, corporate affairs and media managers.

Queenslanders prefer to click on 'no' stories about same-sex marriage

SMH on September 27, 2017

Queenslanders are less interested in reading online news about the same-sex marriage postal vote than their southern neighbours. But when they do click, it tends to be on negative news stories.

Elgar Welch discusses Streem’s media analyis on ABC Radio Central Victoria

ABC Radio Central Victoria on September 21, 2017

Streem’s CEO Elgar Welch talks to Breakfast’s Fiona Parker about analysing the media and how issues impact the public’s perception.

Streem CEO Elgar Welch talks to ABC Melbourne’s Raphael Epstein

ABC Radio Melbourne on September 20, 2017

How and where are Australians engaging with media coverage about the #samesexmarriage postal survey? Streem CEO Elgar Welch joined ABC Melbourne’s Raphael Epstein to discuss the media’s coverage, tone and how audiences are consuming content about the campaign.

Here's How Much Media Attention The "Yes" And "No" Sides Get

Buzzfeed on September 20, 2017

Exclusive: Media analysis provided to BuzzFeed News shows the “no” side in the marriage equality debate is getting a lot more media attention than the “yes” side.

Streem announces agreement with Copyright Agency, enhancing existing data agreements

Copyright Agency on September 06, 2017

Streem has entered into a content licensing agreement with the Copyright Agency, building on the company’s existing publisher data agreements and delivering enhanced revenue to Australia’s content creators.

Streem partners with Public Relations Institute of Australia

B&T on August 02, 2017

The PRIA announces Streem as Major Sponsor for this year’s Golden Target Awards, to be held at the Sydney Opera House in November 2017.

How the media monitoring game changed with Streem’s launch

Crikey on March 17, 2017

When news started to spread out of Senate estimates that public servants were being forced to work out of the local McDonald’s in Armidale as part of Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce’s grand decentralisation plan, Joyce’s office would have been alerted to the tweets, online news articles and radio grabs within a minute of their publication or broadcast.

Technology-enabled media intelligence

Sydney Morning Herald and The Age on March 12, 2017

As if the news cycle doesn’t feel fast enough, Streem’s media intelligence platform is helping corporate and government media managers spin the news in realtime.

Big ideas get short shrift in online world (Paywall)

The Australian on November 19, 2015