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Rapid response, data driven

In the office or on the road, Streem connects you with Online & Television news monitoring, mention alerts, keyword and industry tracking, and realtime audience analytics – delivered live to your Desktop or Mobile device.

Streem is the first news intelligence platform to integrate realtime audience data. Leverage live news analytics to target media response and edge out your competition at a fraction of the price of other monitoring services.

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Also available for Android devices.

Problem solver

Hard to use. Delayed. Overpriced. Just a few words we’ve heard used to describe existing media monitoring products. Streem is different.

Live news tracking from major Australian Online & Television news providers

Use realtime data to analyse engagement and the social/geographic impact of news

Access instant statistics, key quotes, television transcripts and news summaries

Use as an Individual, or connect your Team with multiple accounts & shared Tracking lists

Available on both Desktop and Mobile, including dedicated iOS & Android apps


realtime news & data points collected Today. Data points help Streem customers decide who, how and where to respond to news in the media.

1st to Mobile

Need news tracking on the run? Streem is the first news intelligence platform with native, push-notification enabled iOS and Android apps.

1st to Data

You need data to take action. Analyse news velocity, public engagement and geographic and social impact metrics to edge out your competition.

1st to Realtime

Streem’s proprietary news & data engine processes millions of news articles, TV and data points each day – all in realtime and direct to you.

What can you do with 0
realtime data points?


Know when news hits big with live engagement charts and minute by minute audience metrics


Track the impact of news using realtime geography data, and target your response


Get granular publisher data including frontpage tracking, exposure metrics and mention volumes


Understand the reach and concentration of news across major social media

Now there’s a choice

It’s time for competition. Streem delivers realtime news & data when you need it, at a fixed price. Streem is the next step in news intelligence, giving you the power to track live news, analyse realtime audience data and take informed actions in the media.

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Streem is available on Mobile, Tablet and Desktop.