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Get instant Online & TV news tracking delivered direct to your Desktop or Mobile. Step up from basic media monitoring with realtime audience analytics. Get the advantage over competitors with elastic Keyword tracking, live news alerts and flexible pricing.

Streem is the next step in news intelligence.

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Deep, reliable coverage across major Australian news publishers, television broadcasters and online sources. Monitor, analyse and respond with the information you need to take action.

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Data: know when news hits big

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Track the rise and fall of news over minutes and hours with realtime engagement charts and story scoring. Know when news hits big with the public, take action and get results.

  • Audience rankings

  • Geographic impact

  • Front page tracking

  • Engagement charts

  • Social share data

Dashboard: one-touch performance metrics

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Analyse the performance of your company, brand or leader with one touch news and exposure data via the Personal Dashboard.

Unlimited: flexible Keyword and Issue tracking

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Track an infinite number of Keywords and Industry issues with on-demand news tracking. No matter how wide your brief, get the freedom and flexibility to monitor the news you need, instantly.

Live: instant Mention alerts and push notifications

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Know when news breaks first with realtime content discovery, push notifications, and industry-first live Television transcripts that show you what was said - seconds after broadcast.

Geography: target your response

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See where a news article or TV mention is impacting highest with audiences. Target your message, amplify an angle or close down an issue without wasted time or targeting the wrong market.

Connected: your entire team in one place

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Big or small, your entire news team can use Streem. Connect in one place with smart in-platform interactions, push notifications and shared tracking. Know who read what, add notes and increase your team's efficiency.

Flexibility: in the office or on the road

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Desktop, iPhone, Android, Tablet: data-driven news intelligence delivered how you want it, where you want it. Move seamlessly between Desktop and Mobile, and bring with you the data you need to take action.

Price: no more end of month surprises

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Transparent, up-front pricing means no extra costs, no volume and keyword limits, no end of month surprises. Just fast, flexible, data-driven news tracking, via Streem.

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Features list

  • News Tracking

    Fast, reliable Online news tracking across major Australian news publishers

  • TV Tracking

    Live television mention alerts that deliver instant text summaries

  • Analytics

    Industry-first audience data that guides fast decision-making and media response

  • Live Transcripts

    TV Transcripts delivered seconds after broadcast

  • Mobile & Desktop

    Take news intelligence on the road with Push-enabled Apple and Android apps

  • Speed

    Edge-monitoring delivers news and alerts in realtime

  • Enterprise-level

    Get safe, secure data performance with Streem's Australian based servers

  • Build your Team

    Big or small, your entire news team can use Streem, sharing intelligence in realtime

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