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Sky News available exclusively on Streem*

Streem is the sole provider of Sky News Australia content within the ANZ media monitoring market, delivering customers realtime alerts, streaming, downloads, transcripts and analysis from Australia’s leading news channel.

Why Streem struck this new agreement

Our partnership with Sky News means Streem customers will have guaranteed, exclusive access to Australia’s leading, influential news channel, backed by a realtime media intelligence platform that delivers live alerts and content access on-demand.

From alerts about relevant mentions, streams in-platform, or including Sky News downloads in your Daily Email Reports, Streem’s new agreement locks in your access to Sky News on a multi-year arrangement.

*From 1 September 2021 Streem holds exclusive rights to Sky News Australia content in the ANZ media monitoring markets. Use of any logo, brand device and/or content does not imply endorsement of Streem

Expanding and locking in content access for customers

It’s an expansion on our existing relationship with the News Corp-owned Sky News, guaranteeing you as a customer ongoing access to highly influential content that matters most to CEOs, Boards, Ministers, companies, and the broader public. It also builds on our existing base of comprehensive Print, Online, TV, Radio and Social data that drives PR and Corporate Affairs teams every day…

If you aren’t already a Streem customer, we’d love to show you the power of our platform and why hundreds of Australia’s largest corporate and government media teams have made the switch to Streem.

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