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Streem Social

The first deep social intelligence tool built for communications teams.  


Listen, Analyse & Engage
with Streem Social

A dedicated tool that delivers deep social listening, analysis and engagement tools across platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, YouTube and millions of blogs and forums. Streem Social includes three tools: Listen (social listening), Analyse (insights and reporting) and Engage (connect your owned social accounts to post and report on your social media). 


Streem Social Listen allows deep social listening across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, and millions of blogs and forums.

  • Create new social streams in an instant
  • Filter content however you'd like for tailored results
  • Generate a report on relevant mentions or set up preference-based notifications to stay across social conversation.
social mentions


Streem Social includes valuable analytics and insights derived from millions of social posts and items shared, engaged with, and talked about across social media.

Analyse social coverage and build beautiful exportable reports instantly which include valuable metrics such as share of voice, sentiment, volume, emojis 😉, and themes to demonstrate reach and value.

social charts


Schedule, publish, and report on your owned social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, directly from Streem Social. Using the Engage tool’s content calendar and planner, you can schedule your social communications collaboratively across your team.

Built-in authorisation controls ensure that only approved social content goes live. Analyse social channel and post performance, And when it’s time to report, quickly export social channel and performance reports in PDF format to share throughout your organisation.

We'd love to show you the power of Streem.