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The complete media engagement solution. 

Outreach Hero

Powerful Launchpad

Experience seamless media distribution and collaboration with Outreach’s Launchpad. Stay on track and respond faster using saved templates, branding profiles, and an intuitive interface for improved productivity and consistency. Filter and search through journalist and outlet profiles in a few clicks.

Outreach Launchpad

+1 Million Global Contacts

Build bespoke lists, measure performance and distribute with untapped opportunities. Leverage a human curated global database with over 1 million contacts worldwide.

1 Million Global Contacts

Dynamic Search Features

Locate the right journalists, outlets and media influencers relevant to your industry or brand within seconds using powerful search and filter tools.

Dynamic Search Outreach

Engaging Media Releases

Edit, prepare, and share in realtime. Build compelling Media Releases in seconds, leveraging templates, branding profiles and rich text editor.

media release

Amplify with Insights

Instantly improve your efforts time and time again with metrics that support powerful evaluation. Media Release insights allow you to measure success, benchmark performance, and continuously improve your media outreach.

Activity timeline

Explore Outreach Packages

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Global Contacts Add on
Powerful Searching
Find local* Journalists and Outlets with leading edge filtering capability.
List Creation + Export
Build targeted lists. View, create, edit + share lists of contacts.
Create Media Activities
View, create, edit, assign and export activities in your Outreach CRM.
Deliver campaigns at scale. Send unlimited Media Releases.
Benchmark performance & reach new heights. View, export & interpret analytics.
Curated Mailing Lists
Distribute to 90+ Mailing lists curated by our ANZ Media Research team.
+1 Million Global Contacts
Search and view Global journalists and Outlets.
Local* refers to Australia & New Zealand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who manages the data and how frequently is this updated?

Cision employs a team of dedicated (human!) professionals that make over 20,000 updates a day to the global Outreach media database. The Media Research team combines the power of technology and human intelligence to provide you with the most up-to-date and accurate media contacts and pitching information.

I only need to access Australian and New Zealand data, is this ok?

Of course! We offer Australian and New Zealand-only packages. You can always add the full power of the global database of over 1 million journalists and outlets later.

Is there a limit to the number of Media Releases I can send?

Create, share and edit with unlimited caps. Many of our customers create multiple public and private media contact lists managing their communications team how they best see fit.

Can I access bounce-back and unsubscribe data for Media Releases?

Absolutely. Outreach includes powerful analytics that allows you to access and analyse data points for your Media Releases. The platform lets you view and benchmark essential metrics such as delivery rates, opens, clicks, bounce backs, and unsubscribes. These metrics will help you optimise your media campaign for continued success.

Can I set up templates for my Media Releases?

You can effortlessly combine templates and brand profiles to craft consistent, visually appealing Media Releases in no time. Our platform allows you to create and customise unlimited templates and brand profiles, ensuring your content remains engaging and consistent.