The 25 most prolific journalists in Australian metro media revealed

As part of a wider analysis of digital media trends over the past year, we had some fun pulling out the most frequently appearing bylines in the metro markets.

All five top spots went to Daily Mail Australia reporters, with some churning out more than 1000 stories in a year, or an average of 4.5 a workday.

The Mail’s dominance is unlikely to surprise media industry rivals, as the site has been plagued by reports of demanding work conditions and accusations of plagiarism since its Australian launch in 2014.

The top 25* contains 10 Daily Mail reporters, six from News Corp and nine former Fairfax, now Nine, reporters. There were no representatives from Australia’s second and third biggest news websites, and ABC.

Sports journalists were heavily represented, taking out nine spots, along with a few business reporters.

Some of the 25 most prolific journalists of the past year.

Hard at work: some of the 25 most frequently published journalists, as revealed by Streem.

After originally pulling the top 50 most frequently occurring bylines, some judgement calls were required such as whether authors of ‘blog-type’ content should be included.

Ultimately we decided that was a different category, which meant prolific writers like Australian Financial Review Street Talk scribe Sarah Thompson (originally no.1) and the Herald Sun’s Andrew Bolt (originally no.17) dropped off the list.

Read more about what we learnt compiling the list here.

The list of 25 most published metro journalists

  1. Caleb Taylor, Daily Mail, TV & Showbiz, 1083
  2. Kristy Johnson, Daily Mail, TV & Showbiz, 1006
  3. Alisha Buaya, Daily Mail, TV & Showbiz, 982
  4. Marta Jary, Daily Mail, TV & Showbiz, 941
  5. Candice Jackson, Daily Mail, TV & Showbiz, 920
  6. Toby Crockford, Brisbane Times, Breaking News, 894
  7. Alexis Carey,, Finance, 847
  8. Matilda Rudd, Daily Mail, 812
  9. Samantha Bailey, The Australian, Business, 810
  10. Caden Helmers, Canberra Times, Sport, 805
  11. Andrew Court, Daily Mail, TV & Showbiz, 783
  12. Brent Read, The Australian Sport, 779
  13. Ben Wilmot, The Australian Property, 747
  14. Eamonn Tiernan, Canberra Times Sport, 738
  15. Adam Mccleery, Daily Mail, 709
  16. Chris Roots, SMH, Sport, 708
  17. Peter Ryan, The Age, Sport, 704
  18. David Polkinghorne, Canberra Times, Sport, 697
  19. Michael Lynch, The Age, Sport, 676
  20. Christian Nicolussi, SMH, Sport, 671
  21. Michael Roddan*, The Australian, Business, 670, 2.79
  22. Roy Ward, The Age, Sport, 660, 2.75
  23. Claudia Poposki*, Daily Mail, 648, 2.7
  24. Ben Graham,, 643, 2.68
  25. Chloe-lee Longhetti*, Daily Mail, 643, 2.68

A few notes about how the list was compiled:

  • The data is from March 1 2018 to February 25 2019.
  • The list only counts individual bylines; joint bylines aren’t captured.
  • International journalists and those deemed ‘bloggers’ were removed from the list.
  • The ‘stories per day’ measure is an estimate based on 240 work days (48 x 5), although many in the industry work fewer days than this.

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* Correction: Positions 20-25 on the list have been updated. While all original article counts were accurate, the ranking process was distorted by syndicated versions of those articles. The originally listed reporters should have been ranked as followed.

  • 30: Ally Foster,, 617
  • 41: Frank Chung,, Finance, 570
  • Outside top 50: Shireen Khalil,, Lifestyle, 483

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