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Jack McLintockNovember 17, 2022

All eyes turn to Qatar


Ahead of the 2022 FIFA World Cup kicking off in Qatar, we took a look at what the media coverage of the event has looked like in the lead up.

Excitement for the FIFA World Cup boxes out the competition

Despite both the Twenty20 Cricket World Cup and the Rugby League World Cup taking place just days away from the start of the FIFA World Cup, excitement around the FIFA World Cup has seen it regularly outscore other World Cups when it comes to media coverage, despite not yet starting.

Excitement for the 2022 FIFA World Cup has drowned out other World Cups.

As the footballers of the world finally take to the pitch in Qatar, this level of coverage is sure to go into overdrive.

A strong focus on the host

It is perhaps no surprise to see that in global media, Qatar is the most talked-about nation in association with the World Cup.

Qatar leads the way in media coverage of competing nations.

England are currently in second place, followed by Australia, thanks to strong domestic coverage ahead of their first match. Expect to see this ranking rapidly evolve across the tournament as favourites flame out and upsets unfold.

Ronaldo’s antics catapult him to the top

Given Cristiano Ronaldo’s explosive interview about his time at Manchester United earlier this week, his place at the top of the list of most-covered footballers is to be expected.

It’s a tight battle for second in the most-mentioned footballer stakes.

England’s Harry Kane and Argentina’s Lionel Messi are neck-and-neck in second place, followed by Brazil’s Neymar. Watch this chart across the World Cup to see who rises up the list off the back of breakout performances.


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