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Natasha WilliamsFebruary 27, 2024

Crown Resorts: Navigating Taylor Swift's Eras Tour Media Storm with Streem

If you’ve engaged with pop culture in the last seventeen years, you’ve probably heard of singer-songwriter Taylor Swift. With a fanbase so vast that it feels like a cultural movement, the enduring and influential global icon has had an enormous past couple of years. In the last 12 months alone she’s claimed the titles of best-selling artist of 2023, Time Person of the Year, Spotify’s Artist of the Year, and recently clinched her record-breaking 4th Album of the Year Grammy. In the past month alone, Swift has garnered over 250,000 media mentions across Print, Online, TV and Radio in the Australian Media. 

As such, in June 2023 when Crown Resorts announced that they would be the headline partner of the Australian leg of Taylor Swift’s highly anticipated Eras Tour, the Australian media’s reaction resulted in an overwhelming influx of 6200 media items in a single day. The tour’s impact, often playfully dubbed as ‘Swiftflation,’ has been nothing short of extraordinary. Cities fortunate to host her witnessed a surge in economic activity, with hotels and flights experiencing unprecedented demand. 

As the Eras Tour set the stage for a spectacular union between entertainment and hospitality, Crown Resorts recognised the need for accurate and realtime insights into the evolving narrative surrounding their brand. In this case study, we delve into how Crown Resorts utilised our media monitoring platform, to accurately measure the impact of their sponsorship decision.

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“The platform’s capabilities ensured we could monitor relevant Taylor Swift coverage featuring Crown, as a result of the Eras Tour partnership.”

- Media and Corporate Affairs Team at Crown

Managing Mentions amid Swiftmania: In our Boolean Era

Managing the sheer volume of media coverage became crucial for Crown Resorts. They needed to differentiate between general mentions and ones specifically related to the Eras Tour sponsorship, as well as sort what news stories were relevant and irrelevant to the campaign. 

Crown worked with their Streem Account manager to set up a consolidated mention stream to capture the deluge of coverage and measure audience reach and sentiment score for the overall campaign, during a lengthy coverage period from June 2023 – February 2024. 

So how exactly does one sort through a volume of coverage this immense and find the mentions that matter? Their Streem Account Manager used boolean, a technique using operators ‘and, or, not’ at it’s most basic level. Boolean can monitor for headline mentions, words situated near other terms, and a range of further refinements depending on the use case. 

By combining these operators, Streem can construct complex queries to retrieve relevant and targeted data from vast amounts of media content. This approach enhances the precision of search results, allowing for more effective monitoring and analysis of media sources.

A well-constructed boolean search ensures that only the relevant mentions are identified amid the sea of information, streamlining the media monitoring process.

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A Colossal Success: The Impact of the Collaboration 

According to Streem data, the month that Swift’s tour came to Australia, Crown Resorts achieved 7,150 mentions specifically due to being mentioned alongside the Eras Tour, this many mentions achieved a cumulative audience impression reach of a staggering 130,340,772. On February 23 alone, their sponsorship of the tour achieved 1,177 mentions. A noteworthy insight emerges when comparing these figures to Crown Resort mentions unrelated to the Eras Tour, revealing a remarkable fourfold increase in Australian media coverage attributed to this strategic sponsorship decision.

Leveraging our platform, Streem seamlessly delivered these insights to Crown Resorts, providing a clear understanding of the substantial impact generated through their collaboration with one of the world’s most iconic musicians.

A Realtime Solution:

Crown Resorts’ experience with the Eras Tour sponsorship serves as a testament to the critical role of media monitoring and analysis. In the whirlwind of Swiftmania, Crown Resorts weathered the media storm of mentions surrounding their sponsorship of the Eras tour by utilising Streem’s versatile tools and precise capabilities to navigate the vast landscape of media coverage, ensuring that amidst the chaos, only relevant mentions were captured and insights remained actionable. When handling colossal media events or campaigns, organisations can harness sophisticated tools like Streem to track realtime media coverage, filter out irrelevant noise, and extract valuable insights for effective media management. 


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