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Jack McLintockMarch 10, 2022

Demonstrating the impact of news with Social Amplify

When a story breaks, its life is just beginning. Measuring how it spreads across social media is key to establishing its impact and importance as you respond to it, and how your stakeholders perceive its value too.

Historically, this has been challenging to accomplish, requiring the use of multiple tools and platforms to separately monitor media, and listen to social media to see the reaction to a story.

Social Amplify, our new tool in Streem’s realtime media monitoring platform, enables media teams to see the social amplification of an Online news story, in realtime. Whether it’s an item in the AFR, on ABC News or a small niche or trade website, Social Amplify tracks in realtime the ups and downs of a story’s social engagement. 

Social Amplify is just a click away

Social Amplify’s easy-to-understand, live charts feature in the popout display within Streem, showing the trend of an Online news story on social media, and breaking out which social networks it has the strongest presence on, all in just one click.

Thanks to the data displayed in Social Amplify, you can establish the lifecycle of a story, knowing where and when you need to engage with it across your social media channels.

The data displayed in Social Amplify enables the understanding of an Online story’s lifecycle and prominence on social media.

The tool is particularly useful when you want to demonstrate to internal stakeholders the seriousness, spread (or even limited engagement) of a news story – providing a sense check to your media engagement.

Social Amplify is available to all Streem customers in their existing Mention Streams, enabling them to benefit from the power of Social Amplify data with no setup or work. Simply click on the Social Amplify icon to see the data in realtime for any online news story.

If you’re not yet a Streem customer, get in touch today to see what the power of realtime media monitoring can do for you and your organisation.


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