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Jack McLintockJune 29, 2022

Sky, Online and Radio lead Labor’s big first month of media

On Monday, The Australian’s Nick Tabakoff revealed how new Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and his ministers were hot property across Sky News coverage in the first month of their administration. Using Streem data, Tabakoff highlighted the importance of Sky News to the Albanese Government when it came to disseminating their message to the electorate and broader influencers.

Sky News is just one of the cornucopia of channels being used by the new government to communicate with the electorate and their key stakeholders. An examination of the media coverage of the first month of Albanese’s government shows an administration using many media channels to spread their message far and wide.

A big month across all mediums

In the first month of the Albanese Government, from May 22 until June 22, combined mentions of the Prime Minister and his ministers did not dip below 1,000 a day at any point. The biggest day was the Monday following their election, May 23, when there were 5,484 mentions.

Across that first month, the new government secured 76,692 unique mentions, with Online news being the leading medium, delivering 32,588 of them. TV news followed with 20,440 mentions, closely followed by Radio on 17,986, and finally Print on 5,678.

When it comes to individual sources, ABC1 was the single largest overall source and largest Free To Air TV source, ABC’s metro radio stations were the largest radio source, ACM’s Print and Online news publications were the largest in both of those mediums, and Sky News comfortably led as the largest commercial news broadcaster.

The biggest states didn’t mean the biggest coverage

When it came to a geographic breakdown, nationally syndicated items were most common, representing 20,295 mentions. New South Wales featured the most coverage of the new government, generating 10,570 mentions, and was interestingly closely followed by Queensland, responsible for 10,237 mentions.

Victoria was a close fourth with 9,804 mentions emanating from the state, followed by Western Australia in fifth, and South Australia in sixth.

Online news was the top medium nationally, in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia and Tasmania, with TV coming out on top in South Australia and the Northern Territory, and Radio in the ACT.

As the data shows, the first month was a big one for the Albanese Government across all media. Being aware of and understanding what the new government’s media presence means for you and your organisation is critical, including the requirement for the broadest available content set.

Only Streem can provide comprehensive realtime media monitoring, including exclusive monitoring of Sky News. Get in touch today to find out why over 500 of Australia’s leading organisations, including the majority of federal government departments and leading publicly-listed companies, have chosen Streem for their needs.

Data: Media items mentioning the Prime Minister and his ministers. Metro and Regional Print, Online, TV and Radio. Syndications removed. May 22 – June 22.


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