What is Streem?

Streem lets you track, analyse and respond to news in realtime. In the office or on the road, Streem connects you with online, print, television and radio news monitoring, direct mention alerts, keyword tracking and realtime news analytics – delivered direct to your mobile device.

What can I do with Streem?

How do I sign in?

To use Streem, you will need the 10 digit mobile number or email address and 4 digit PIN given to you by your organisation after registration with Streem. Enter the 10 digit mobile or email address and 4 digit PIN number after launching Streem from your mobile device, and tap ‘sign in’.

What happens once I sign in?

You will immediately see your organisation’s Dashboard, displaying the latest news, insights and analysis for your organisation.

How do I track particular Keywords?

Simply tap the Menu icon in the top left hand corner, and click the ‘+’ button next to Mention Streams. You can enter as many Keywords as you like, or optionally enter in a boolean query using AND, OR and NOT clauses to track mentions you are interested in. This can include the names of People and Companies you might wish to Track. Mentions of your Keywords will be displayed in the Mention Stream corresponding to your Keywords, and an alert will appear in the menu bar where there is new content available.

How do I share news with other people in my Organisation?

You can easily share news content with other people in your Organisation by navigating to a specific news content’, and tapping the drop down arrow to reveal the options menu. Tap Push to Team, and select the name(s) of those in your Organisation you’d like to share this news with. They will receive a Notification on their phone.

Questions, feedback or enquiries

Please send us an email at help@streem.com.au