Media metrics enhance C-suite buy-in, survey shows

The appetite at board and executive level for data-driven media insights is growing, writes Streem Insights and Reporting Lead Asha Oberoi.

92% of Streem’s Media Insights clients are using monthly media analysis reports for KPI reporting among senior managers, executives and leadership teams, our recent survey revealed.

To me this reflects how communications professionals have secured a seat at the C-suite table off the back of proper KPI tracking, benchmarking and reporting on media performance.

Having spent years working with corporate communications officers, the hunger among senior leadership for Media Insights is only growing.

This is fuelled by both the continued influence of the Australian media and the insatiable appetite of all organisations for data-driven decision making to inform and drive strategy.

The trend is also reflected in the demand from executives for annual and end-of-financial-year reports into their brand’s earned media coverage compared to their closest competitors.

Our survey results show that media evaluation and reporting have certainly come a long way, and now go far beyond the simple PR Campaign report, AVEs and Potential Audience reach metrics of the past.

But someone still needs to make sense of the data, and survey respondents said they depended on our Key Insights section most. This is where we concisely articulate the report’s key findings, and why they are important. If our clients read nothing else, they should have a thorough understanding of the insights and implications arising from that month’s analysis.

We also found that communication executives still consider the sentiment of the media, rated by humans with a thorough and uncomplicated methodology, very important. Human-rated sentiment is being used as an internal performance indicator throughout the Federal Government and in many corporate organisations, regardless of size. How the media feel about a brand or a topic is still very influential with consumers, with many clients confirming a continued correlation between their net sentiment score and consumer sentiment index.

But why does surveying our customers matter? It matters because we never want to lose touch with what is driving our customers’ behaviour so that we can build services that support them in their daily tasks and objectives.

At Streem we pride ourselves on the relationships we have across all levels of the Australian Communications industry. Our consultative approach ensures our variety of Insights and Analysis services caters to all levels and all appetites, from realtime dashboard metrics on our platform through to monthly KPI reporting and tracking for Executive Leadership teams.

You can view and download an example End of Year Media Analysis Report here, and if you would like to know more about Media Insights at Streem, contact me here.

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