Meet Streem Social, a first for comms teams

Streem Social

Streem has announced the launch of the first social media intelligence platform designed specifically for communications teams.

Streem Social is fully integrated with the company’s existing media monitoring platform, allowing users to track and measure Traditional and Social media in one environment. It is also available as a separate, dedicated tool.

Clients will be able to listen, analyse and engage with global social data across networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and millions of blogs and forums.

Streem CEO Elgar Welch said the decision to expand deep into social media came in response to clients lamenting the lack of targeted products on the market, and a desire to combine mainstream and social listening and analytics in one place.

“When we looked closely at the existing landscape, it was apparent that all the social listening tools are really designed for the marketing team, whereas communications managers and people in the media team have very different needs,” Welch said.

“Streem Social has access to rich social data at a global level. Where marketers would use that to understand the pain points of consumers, comms teams are tracking topics, issues and competitors with a view to how they might impact the company’s reputation. That is the key point of difference.”

Feedback from existing clients of Streem was integral to the platform’s development, Welch said, providing requirements, wishlists and feature ideas.

Streem Social consists of three primary modules that can be toggled on and off for customers:


Enabling teams to track social coverage in realtime across millions of social posts. Users can instantly add keywords, hashtags and topics to follow in Australia and globally, and receive notifications on demand.


Helping teams generate charts and insights including themes, key influencers, share of voice, salience and even the most prevalent emojis being used alongside a topic.


Connects directly to an organisation’s owned social accounts so that they can manage posts, create a content calendar and track response to social coverage.

The platform is designed to give users full control, allowing them to select sources and choose keywords, hashtags and handles. The option to launch more complex boolean strings is also available to better target relevant social content.

Streem launched its full-service media monitoring platform in 2017, winning blue-chip clients including Telstra, Qantas and the Commonwealth Bank off the back of its realtime technology.

Streem Social was built in-house by the same engineering team, with the company now onboarding dedicated staff to drive growth.

Welch said comms professionals no longer needed to feel pulled in two directions, trying to follow and respond to both the news cycle and social media reaction.

“By placing traditional and social media side-by-side, clients are able to watch events unfold in their entirety in realtime, conduct analysis and create holistic strategies that account for the entire conversation,” he said.

“Customers can also save time and money by having everything in one place.”

Existing Streem clients can add the new platform to their current media monitoring service, while Streem Social is available as a stand-alone product to new customers too.

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