Get realtime media monitoring from a platform that works.

Find out why dozens of government departments have switched to Streem.

Why choose Streem?

Go behind the paywall Online, see Print as it appeared, stream TV and Radio within minutes of broadcast and monitor Social content as it’s posted. Our market-leading media monitoring platform works seamlessly across Desktop, Tablet and Mobile and is backed by 24/7, local Account Management.

The market’s leading platform includes:


Watch and share TV and Radio segments within minutes of broadcast; go straight behind the paywall online.


Monitor thousands of Australian metro and regional sources, including exclusive access to Sky News Australia.

24/7 Support

Enjoy round-the-clock support from our local Account Management teams based in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra.


Generate Instant Insights from the platform or access in-depth interactive media analysis from our specialist team.

Social Media

Follow the online conversation and, when the time is right, post to your social channels direct from the Streem platform.

Exclusive access to Sky News Australia

Streem is the sole provider of Sky News Australia content within the ANZ media monitoring market, delivering customers realtime alerts, streaming, downloads, transcripts and analysis from Australia’s leading news channel.

Daily Email Reports

Receive curated reports daily for distribution throughout your organisation, surfacing key Print, Online, TV and Radio media in a single, branded email report. With your key stakeholders front and centre, Streem’s curated Daily Email Reports are built and distributed by a team of editors, applying the human touch and making informed decisions about the content that matters most to your organisation.

Streem Social - built for comms teams

Streem Social is a dedicated tool that delivers deep social listening, analysis and engagement tools across platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, YouTube and millions of blogs and forums. Combining Streem and Streem Social delivers media teams a holistic view of all their media coverage, in realtime and from a single platform.

Streem is different

*Effective 1 September 2021 with activation of Streem’s exclusive Sky News license agreement

Other providers

Realtime delivery of all news and information

100% Australian owned, built from the ground-up for local media teams

No offshoring, no outsourcing

Signed on to the new Copyright Agency license agreement.

*Effective 1 September 2021 with activation of Streem’s exclusive Sky News license agreement

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