The 24 Hour ‘Streemcycle’

At Streem, we aim to deliver media as it happens across our Desktop and Mobile platforms. Our Account Management teams work around the clock to provide our customers with a comprehensive, realtime service, whether it be from their platform monitoring, delivered via their reports or additional support through live requests. The media never sleeps so let’s dive deeper into what happens behind the scenes at Streem.

Our Overnight team start their work around midnight, curating a wide variety of Daily Email Reports for customers. Coverage is selected from a pre-determined guideline set up by our Account Management team and the customer to deliver high-level news to their organisation. Prior to delivery, these reports will be reviewed by the team to ensure the content adequately reflects the guideline. Reports will then be delivered at the respective time agreed upon by the team to the wider audience. 

In between curation and approval of reports, our team enjoy unwinding with a cup of coffee and checking in with their colleagues or family. Other customer requests such as live chats, or emails are being tended to by the Overnight team until the Account Support team arrive.

Our Account Support team logs on early in the mornings to assist with the handover from the Overnight team, and action any outstanding tasks. Their role is quite dynamic, so they tend to a number of different tasks throughout the day. The support team aids our client base by phone, email or live chat with requests including updating keyword briefs, generating Media Items and Transcript requests or providing direction with platform functionality. 

During the day, our team of dedicated Account Managers work alongside the Account Support team to provide support to thousands of Corporate and Government customers. Our Account Managers each work across a specific client portfolio, working closely with clients from their onboarding phase into day-to-day maintenance and support. Structuring their day around client training sessions and meetings, the team also work on live requests as well as a range of strategic projects to better improve our service.  

Our technical team work alongside both our Account Managers and Account Support during the early morning and throughout the day to troubleshoot issues in relation to the Streem platform.

As the day winds down, our Account Managers and daytime support staff prepare for the next handover as our evening support team sign-on. Communicating via internal messaging and handover notes allows all teams across the day to keep up to date with each other on important issues and tasks to be completed. In the last few hours of the day the evening team focus on concluding any outstanding client requests and beginning to prepare items for the next day’s reports for the Overnight team.

Working from home has allowed our team to effectively complete different tasks while also providing them the opportunity to tune into their hobbies. Whether it be taking an afternoon surf or swim, jiu jitsu, reading their favourite book or listening to podcasts, our team is diverse with how we choose to spend our free time.

As you can tell, our teams work hard around the clock to deliver an exceptional realtime media monitoring experience to our customers. It’s a level of service and experience that only Streem can offer, so to find out what Streem can do for your communications team, get in touch.

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