The smarts behind Streem’s brief building for new customers

When Streem on-boards a new customer it’s a great opportunity to refresh their brief which in turn increases the accuracy of their media monitoring. We allocate significant resourcing within our Account Management team as we transition customers to ensure a fast and painless shift to Streem’s media intelligence platform. Working closely with clients, we often find many keywords and terms which are no longer relevant, or those producing poor results because of a legacy provider’s outdated systems. The on-boarding process ensures a fast and painless shift to Streem’s media intelligence platform.

Once a tidy-up is complete our Account Management team converts the legacy keyword list into a modern brief that uses Streem’s own proprietary flavour of Boolean search. Our customers consistently report high levels of accuracy, relevance and speed across Streem’s monitoring.

Customers’ live access to Streem is enhanced with the integration of smart tools within the platform allowing them to give instant feedback on the new brief and communicate any further changes required. Rest assured, throughout the life of your contract with Streem, our dedicated Account Managers remain on-hand by phone, email or on-site to further refine the brief or to discuss any concerns.

It goes without saying, we take brief building seriously when on-boarding new customers. The accuracy of Streem isn’t just driven by the combination of technology and human intelligence, it’s the time we take at the outset – and the service we promise during the entire partnership – that ensures your brief is accurate, that it produces high-quality results, enhances productivity and saves you time when assessing media coverage.

Our message to you is a simple one: if you’re having trouble with content accuracy, or looking for an alternative in media monitoring, we’d love to talk about our process for building briefs and the benefits of our curated approach.

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