Where, when and why organisations post to social media

Social Media Survey

LinkedIn is the most used social media service by communications teams, but Facebook is where they spend the most time posting, according to a new survey of Streem clients. 

The Streem Social Media Survey, which had responses from a wide range of industries including finance, media and retail, found 95% of organisations had a LinkedIn presence, compared to 80% for Facebook and 75% each for YouTube and Twitter. 

Meanwhile, only 5% of organisations who responded had a presence on Tik Tok, the fastest growing social media platform in Australia. 

When asked which platform they would be on if they could only choose one, it was a dead heat between Facebook and LinkedIn on 44% each. Instagram and Twitter both secured 6%. 

But when looking at the frequency with which organisations are posting, it’s clear Facebook is where they spend the majority of their time. 

More than half of respondents (55%) posted to Facebook at least daily, compared to Twitter (35%), LinkedIn (30%) and YouTube (5%). 

Who has the keys to the account? 

The survey showed that Media and Comms teams ran the social media accounts at half of all organisations, compared to Marketing (28%) and Corporate Affairs (17%). One in five organisations shared responsibility between multiple departments. 

Sixty per cent of CEOs had a social media presence. Of those, 58% used the comms team to post on their behalf, while the other 42% managed it alone. 

Direct engagement the appeal of social

A direct feedback loop with clients was a key driver behind many brands’ social media presence. 

Forty-five per cent of respondents nominated communicating with customers as the primary reason they were on social media. 

Meanwhile, 93% of organisations using social listening tools were doing so to listen out for issues and complaints. 

Of the organisations on Facebook, 82% opened all posts to comments, while 12% opened some posts. 

One third of respondents were not yet aware of the Dylan Voller defamation case, which found account holders can be legally responsible for the posts on their content. Twenty-two per cent of respondents said their organisation had altered their Facebook behaviour as a result of the case. 

The social media metric most heavily used was the ‘All engagements’ measure (93%), ahead of comments (35%) and reach (35%).  

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