With Intercom, Streem now responds in minutes

Not only does Streem deliver media monitoring and insights in realtime, how we respond to your enquiries as a customer has also stepped up a notch.

Recently Streem introduced Intercom, a feature that allows you to chat from the Desktop or Mobile app of Streem directly to your Account Manager, or the wider Streem team. Customers can now reach directly on to the floor of our hub to ask questions and get solutions, all while on the run, in a meeting or somewhere that’s not suited to making a call.

Intercom is allowing us to change the way we communicate with customers because not everyone wants or is in the right moment to pick up the phone. In recent weeks we’ve seen a significant spike in customer interactions via Intercom, but also Account Manager response times. When seeking a solution, the data we’re tracking internally shows you’ll generally hear back from us in about 1 minute and a solution is provided in just over 3 minutes.

For our customers that means they can get on with the task at hand, while knowing we’re working on a quick solution or change. Common questions we’re fielding in realtime include changes to keyword briefs, help with new features in Streem and quick distribution of content to other parts of the business.

While our goal is to ensure you have everything at your fingertips in the Streem platform, having an ‘always on’ Account Management team via Phone, Email and Intercom also means new users of Streem in your organisation are well supported. Because Streem is an easy to use media intelligence platform we find media teams are extending access to their CEO, or other parts of the business. Knowing we have your team’s back reduces the workload as Streem becomes more integrated for others to use.

On the subject of speed, our Media Item request times have also reduced in the last month. Our internal data shows that while return of TV Media Items is stable, Radio Media item returns have fallen to an average of 9 minutes. That means from the moment you make a request to the time you receive the Media Item for download (not streaming, that’s always instant), on average less than 10 minutes has gone by. While times can vary (and sometimes this might be longer at busy times of the day), you can count on us to return Media Items quickly and efficiently.

Speed of delivery and innovation to service have always been significant pillars of Streem’s platform. The introduction of Intercom and the resulting efficiencies the data show are good news for customers, helping you to get on with your day.

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