5 reasons why you should join Streem

Fostering an inclusive and welcoming work environment is central to Streem, along with a comprehensive Employee Benefit Program (EBP) that currently includes:

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In-house Chef

A full time, in-house chef, providing lunch Monday to Thursday, along with light breakfast options. Plus, a snack bar and tea and coffee keep you refreshed throughout the day.

Additional Leave

Additional leave, including for your birthday, and mental health days, available when you need it.

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Employee Assistance Program (EAP), providing free and confidential counselling and support, both for professional and personal matters.

Education and Training Program

Education and Training Program (ETP), offering financial support for studies undertaken relevant to the team member’s role.

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Plus much more!

Streem’s EBP is continually being enhanced, with new and exciting benefits becoming available often.

As Streem Grows

As Streem grows, we’re looking for more exceptional people to join our team and be a part of our success.

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We'd love to arrange to see you and demonstrate Streem.