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  • A sweeter deal on media monitoring

    This week hundreds of Australia’s leading companies are about to get a sweeter deal on media monitoring - starting with delivery of a sugar hit direct to their office desks. Streem will this week launch a direct marketing campaign to Australia’s leading PR, Corporate Affairs and Media Managers.
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  • Syndication Data: What is it and how to manage it?

    Syndication data is crucial to understanding the spread and impact of your organisation’s earned media coverage. For those unfamiliar with the term, syndication is the re-publication of editorial content from one source to another, often within large publishing conglomerates, but increasingly between smaller news websites.
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  • Competitive Benchmarking: What is it and why do it?

    We all know how easy it is to get caught up in our own ‘filter bubble’ at the expense of a more holistic understanding of the people, forces and events that shape our industry.
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  • Don’t get rolled by automatic roll-overs

    9 out of 10 corporates have an ‘automatic roll-over’ clause within their current media monitoring contract
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  • Qantas Talking Business with Alan Kohler: Elgar Welch

    Elgar: Thanks Alan.Alan: Hi Elgar. Now you were in the Prime Minister’s Office, 2013.And decided that what the world needs is real time media monitoring of everything, because at that time I guess social media was starting up and the existing media monitoring weren’t even doing that.Elgar: Yeah, that’s right. We worked in an environment that required really speedy response to media and in that role, when I was there, we found that the time...
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  • The Fight of the Century in the Media

    Streem crunched the numbers on last weekend’s “fight of the century” between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor to see if Australian media coverage of the event lived up to the hype. See the results below:
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  • Streem partners with PRIA as Major Sponsor of the 2017 Golden Target Awards

    Streem is excited to announce our partnership with the Public Relations Institute of Australia (PRIA) to back better media monitoring, measurement and evaluation as part of this year’s Golden Target Awards. Delivering a comprehensive media monitoring service to some of Australia’s largest corporate and government organisations, Streem is best positioned to partner with the PRIA and demonstrate its commitment to the communications industry as part of the Awards.
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  • Public Philanthropy: How Twiggy Forrest mobilised the media

    On Monday Twiggy and Nicola Forrest brought together some of Australia’s best and brightest to announce one of the largest charitable donations in Australia’s history. The $400 million fund, described by PM Malcolm Turnbull as a ‘gift to society’, pledges to rejuvenate early and higher education, reduce indigenous disadvantage, end modern slavery and streamline breakthrough cancer research.
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  • #5. Mobile Access

    Back in 2015 the Australian Communications and Media Authority reported that 48% of employed Australians are ‘digital workers’ or ‘teleworkers’. This means that they use the internet to work away from the office outside of standard hours, or work away from the office for a part or full day.
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  • #4. Audience Data

    The issue of earned media measurability has generated considerable debate amongst professionals, researchers and scholars for over a decade. Today, we take a look at the challenges posed by measurement and the future of the media measurability debate.
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